Thursday, February 26, 2009

It has Begun!

We have made some plans and we are ready to roll!

Last night was the first meeting...we missed the gals that were outta town and previously committed, and we were happy to have new faces as well! We can't wait to share this journey of learning, growing, giving and living together.

This year is going to comprise of broadening our minds and expanding our knowledge about our community and our world. We have decided to meet every 2 weeks through the end of May and in June pick it up to one or two more meetings a month through September. We are going to learn about causes and organizations here locally and how we can be better be involved and also take some time throughout to learn about the world we live in and what is going on on the outside...
By the time the second half of the year comes around we will have made plans and ideas on how we as a group can impact the topics and places we have discussed....we will find our passions and inspirations together.

We decided that we would have a donation box at each meeting and periodically throughout the year we would donate that money to different charities and events. One already nominated was Blankets for Babies...

The contact information for the two local programs that were brought up last night are below:

The girl in our group that you can contact regarding Sunrise Assisted Living is Katie Kritcko. She will assist you in volunteering in that community. Her number is 480-707-3300

Sunrise Assisted Living in Scottsdale
7370 E Gold Dust Ave
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Fax: 480-609-5744

The girl in our group that you can contact regarding Phoenix Children's Hospital is Nicole Everson. She will assist you in understanding how you can plug into the volunteer programs there and what they are looking for at certain times. Her number is 480-766-1855.

Phoenix Children's Hospital
1919 East Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016
(602) 546-1000
Toll Free: (888) 908-5437 (KIDS)

We also took some time last night to discuss the Civil War of Darfur in the Sudan of Africa that is is a movie suggestion that you can see to learn more regarding:

*The Devil Rides on Horseback.

Also, here are some web topics that you can look up so that you can better look into the matter and educate yourself a little further on this crisis:

*Save Darfur Coalition
*Genocide Intervention
*Amnesty International

The next meeting will be in two weeks, Wednesday March 11th at 6pm in Oldtown Scottsdale at my condo! I will send the address in the reminder the Monday before...