Thursday, August 27, 2009

That's a Wrap!!!

This year's group "Together in 2009" has come to an end!

We had an AMAZING book drive - we raised over 1,000 books for our community! Other mini-projects included donating to Blankets for Babies, sending sweaters to Afghanistan, donating high heels to Florence Crittenton for their prom, and Blue jeans to Florence Crittenton via Fashion Square for their gals. We took interest in our immediate surroundings - from donating to local animal shelters & also working on our bodies and health - "going green".

The success we had with the Scottsdale Relay for Life was massive, and throughout we still took time to educate ourselves internationally learning about the crisis in Darfur and plugging in Kiva and other world wide support investments, causes & organizations!

Look out next year, we are explosive! Thank you to all the people who come together to make this group so meaningful and such a success!

Also, please look at the Human Tribe Project. Our friend Jacklyn Malka is the founder!

"Human Tribe Project is a free resource allowing people to show both financial and emotional support to loved ones facing a personal or health-related crisis. In tragedy and triumph, in crisis and conquest, we are one Human tribe."

Have a great fall! See you next year!!!! xoxoxox Shauna