Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Tonight was full of great ideas and great DIRECTION!
It was really cool how the group came together tonight!
We started off discussing a few topics to research and learn about-we decided that we wanted to look further into building a library for a country in need. We spent time researching the building of a library and as we read and sound boarded on the approach to do so, we realized that our local community could really use our support! We decided that we will continue to learn about projects and countries afar but that we will direct our energies to the community we live in for now. We are all still passionate about learning about the world we live in-but at the same time found that we are passionate about assisting the local community and making a difference there.
We have chosen two fields that need our efforts-the locals school programs and the local animal shelters. We spent time throwing around ideas and contacts that will help us to expand these avenues....We have dedicated the next meeting to following up on these topics and spinning from the material that we will return with at that time. For the next two weeks we are going to look into teh immediate needs with in teh schools and shelters...
The energy of tonight's meeting was very direct and it was so cool to see how many leaders are part of this group!
This weeks personal challenge is to make sure that you take a wheat grass shot this week...
Wheatgrass is commonly known as a grain, but is actually considered a vegetable at the time it is harvested. It is available in health food stores in the tablet form and is great for your overall health and wellness.
It is ideal for anyone who wants to feel great and stay well without much effort. It can be taken daily and is actually said to aid with anti-aging efforts.
Wheatgrass is great for people who are active in sports or other strenuous activities in day-to-day life because the Vitamin B1 converts carbohydrates into energy. It is most effective in the form of juice, which is high in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has many benefits on the body, which include enhanced digestion and boosted recovery from illness.
It also removes toxins and has a high amount of oxygen. It contains 20 amino acids, hundreds of helpful enzymes, and nutrients. Wheatgrass is commonly recommended for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant because of the folic acid that it contains. Folic acid helps to prevent any possible birth defects that can occur during a normal pregnancy.
Wheatgrass is good for you and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine for all around great health benefits.
We donated monies towards Blankets for Babies at today's meeting...
Please mark your calenders: **Taglio Salon is holding a "We Will Cut For Food" Event at their Salon on Sunday April 26th. This is a food drive & all the proceeds will go to St. Mary's...They will be offering all their services @ an unbelievable price of $35/service for that day when you bring a canned or non perishable food. They will be holding a raffle at the Event as well...tickest go on sale April 19th.**Please call Susie Chaney for an appointment**
(Please feel free to support the cause by bringing canned or non perishable food to the next meeting if you are unable to support this cause the day of the Event)

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